ESA Plans 2019

Our aim is simple; we want to return things to how they should be. The association should be here to run National tournaments and support its clubs and members. For too long the ESA has run all of its own tournaments and this has had a detrimental effect on the clubs. In an ideal world we want clubs competing to run tournaments. Clubs can use these tournaments to make money and help the club grow.

The decision to have a 3 tiered membership was taken to give everyone a choice. A lot of players don’t want to play FISTF tournaments so we made a domestic category as well as the International (FISTF) one. The collector’s category is because we want to try and bring all elements of the game we love together.


This has been changed to January to December because the ESA ended up chasing players for membership that were playing in the World Cup and Champions League/Europa League each year. If we had not done this clubs/players would not have been allowed to play. Everyone knows the rules but few paid their membership on time. Membership must now be paid in the month of January each year.


Our GP has been planned already. IO’s are in the planning stage. We are waiting for clubs to confirm dates for these. Satellite’s we are waiting for dates from clubs and also have availability if anyone wants to run one.

English Circuit

The plan is to have 6 tournaments with your best 3 results counting towards becoming English Champion. We are waiting for 4 dates to be confirmed but have availability for 2 more to be run. No England places will come off this circuit as it is domestic only but a trophy will be awarded to the champion.

A bi-monthly newsletter will be produced starting from the end of February. This will be sent to members by email.

Any news from clubs, tournaments etc will be added to the ESA website if it is sent to us. We can advertise tournaments, club meets, collector’s fairs etc

In the very near future we will have a new website. This will have more news on it and will be updated as often as we get information to go on it.

For us to reach our goal we need the support of players and clubs. Send us your reports, league tables, tournament dates etc and we can help support you. Together we can grow.


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