This will be free to both under 18’s and Over 18’s. The plan is to create a database of collector’s and events so that people can connect with likeminded people in their local area. The ESA will advertise any collector’s events on its website if it has been notified of them.

Domestic - Under 18 FREE | Over18 £10

This is aimed at players who want to play on the English circuit but not play in any FISTF events. Membership for this will be free to Under 18’s and £10 to over 18’s.

International - Under 18 £5 | Over18 £20

Players at this level will play in FISTF events and be able to qualify for World Cup’s and European Championship’s.

The costs at this level are £5 to Under 18’s and £20 to over 18’s.

All players/collector’s now have the choice of what level of involvement they want to have with the game and ESA. Membership’s should be paid by the 31st of January every year.

Payment can be made to our PayPal email:

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